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Getting your vehicle serviced from time to time can work wonders in the long term and will improve the quality of your driving experience. Our team can provide full, major or interim services for all kinds of vehicles. Imperial Cars Mountsorrel believe that a regular car service can prevent long term damage to your vehicle. Spotting problems early means that you can keep your vehicle’s health in good condition - and drive it for longer.

How often should you get your vehicle serviced?

The time intervals recommended for getting your vehicle serviced are usually based on mileage and a vehicle’s age. At Imperial Cars Mountsorrel, we will always service your vehicle based on its manufacturer’s service schedule. Why do we do this? Doing this allows any existing warranty to remain valid and also maximises your vehicle’s lifespan. When your vehicle is serviced with us, we’ll ensure it gets VIP treatment so that it can run efficiently. We also check your vehicle’s service history to see if any parts have been replaced, this will allows us to see how up to date your vehicle servicing is.

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Knowing exactly how often you should get your vehicle serviced can be hard to interpret but we’ve simplified it for you. For an idea, an interim service is done every six months or for every 6,000 miles, a full service is done once a year or for every 12,000 miles and a major service is usually complete every two years or after 24,000 miles. Whichever comes first out of the time span and mileage is when your vehicle services are due. While we use this as a general guideline for all vehicles, when your vehicle comes in for a service at our garage we’ll always refer to its manufacturer’s service schedule.

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